London ACM SIGGRAPH Events

If you are interested in VFX, computer graphics, or animation, you might want to head on over to London ACM SIGGRAPH  and become a member.  The team host awesome free events in London, including events with high-profile industry speakers, amazing tech wizards, and behind the scenes looks with awesome artists. Most of the tickets for the events are snapped up within an hour or less of release, so its worth becoming a member to take advantage of advance registration.



Transitioning to a Career in Tech

Former Family Ties TV star, Justine Bateman is causing a buzz lately, by returning to college in her late 40’s to study digital management and computer science. Good for her!

The current attention surrounding Justine, made me reflect on my own transition into tech.  As a women in tech, who transitioned from a previous career, I shared some tips to make the transition last year. The advice still holds true, so if interested, pop on over to

10 Tips for Starting a Second Career in Tech: What I Wish My Advisors Had Told Me

The Blog is Back

After a few years silence, the blog is back. I hope to be an active blogger now. I shall be blogging about anything that interests me, and I hope some of it will interest you too.

I haven’t had a chance to figure out how to archive my old stuff but if you have a look on my other pages, you can see some new posts mostly about me and what I do